Aspire Communications Supports the LLAN’s Viewpoint on Marriage Equality in Japan

Aspire announced its support for the American Chamber of Commerce Japan’s Viewpoint, which recommends that the Japanese Government extend the right to marry to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) couples.

Stephen Daly, President of Aspire Communications, said, “Equality, in all forms, is a fundamental concept for training, for cross-cultural communication coaching, and an integral part of the service we deliver to our clients. We aspire to create an open, diverse and equal environment for everyone.

We hope that many of our clients will join us in endorsing this viewpoint. More information can be found below:

About ACCJ Viewpoint:

Support the Recruitment and Retention of Talent by Instituting Marriage Equality in Japan – American Chamber of Commerce Japan

The Viewpoint on Marriage Equality: Equality is good for businesses, equality is good for people and equality is good for Japan!  – Lawyers for LGBT & Allies Network

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